Comscore is a media analytics tool that measures user engagement across many channels like linear TV, connected TV, digital, and others. Use this data to inform your audience building efforts and gain greater advertising ROI from your first-party data.

Why Comscore + MetaRouter

MetaRouter delivers a high-quality, first-party data stream that includes up to 30% more customer data compared to traditional third-party tags. Gain parameter-by-parameter control over all data sent to Comscore for maximum customer privacy and security.

Key Features

  • Up to 30% more data collected compared to third-party tags due to ad blocking and other client-side issues
  • Parameter-by-parameter control gives your organization total transparency and control over all data sent
  • Single, standardized event stream for Comscore and other destinations
  • No Comscore or other third-party tags required

All the Vendors You Want.
No Impact on Page Performance.

Why choose between vendor functionality and page performance? With MetaRouter, when you add a supported server-side integration, you won't see any negative page speed effect.

As an added bonus, your IT and Engineering teams will appreciate not having to implement yet another third-party tag.