Dead Simple

Data Pipelines

Collect and route customer data anywhere.

MetaRouter Cloud is a dead simple customer data infrastructure that centralizes your ingestion of customer data from all your devices, and routes to all your destinations.

Meet Cloud

Watch Demo

Curious how it works? Check out this demo of how to build data pipelines and configure destinations with our cloud platform.

Why Cloud?

Simplify your analytics integrations.

Capture user events on your website or app and route them to analytics, marketing automation, and dozens of other third party tools in minutes…

Setup in Minutes.

Get started with one snippet of code. With a few clicks, simply add your integrations to Astronomer, and watch data flow to where you can analyze it best.

Event-Based Pricing.

We price based on total event volume, not MTUs. This means that you get charged based on actual user engagement, instead of paying for every visitor that comes to your site.

Event Monitoring.

Utilize our monitoring dashboard to view and debug events in real-time as they flow through your pipelines and out to your configured destinations.

Already using a broad array of tools to gain a 360° view of your customer, or looking to add more? We’ve got ya covered.

Cloud Pricing:  Pay Per Event, Not Per User
Pay only for the exact number of events you send. The more your business grows, the less you pay per event.
Per Million
0-10M Events
Billed Monthly
Cancel Anytime
Per Million
10-100M Events
Billed Monthly
Cancel Anytime
Per Million
100M+ Events
Billed Monthly
Cancel Anytime
Annual Plan
1 Year Contract: 15%
3 Year Contract: 25%

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